Our History

In 1917, our great-grandfather purchased a locally made ice cream machine and began delivering fresh, homemade ice cream door-to-door by horse-drawn wagon. It was a popular addition to the milk from his dairy business, but he wasn’t satisfied with just “good enough” ice cream. He and his brother dismantled the machine, changed some parts and adjusted others. Then they tinkered with the recipe until what came out was a dairy treat unlike any other they had ever tasted. It was silky and creamy, and so refreshing.

In 1919, the brothers set up a small booth on the bustling boardwalk of Coney Island. On their very first weekend, they sold more than 18,000 cones at a nickel each. The uniquely refined ice cream was a hit! But it wasn’t yet perfect. To keep the “Frozen Dessert” from melting too fast in the salty beach air, they continued tinkering with the recipe until they had created a light and fluffy ice cream unlike anything made before.

That passion for perfection has lived on through three generations. At Republic, we continue to select, blend, experiment and test all the elements of our flavors to create the absolute best ice cream. Our cherries ripen during steamy summers in the orchard before we pick them at their peak to make our delectable Cherry Vanilla. Our strawberries ripen in the hot sun until they are picked at their finest moment, glistening with juicy sweetness. Our vanilla beans are kissed by Pacific sea breezes and ripened under the tropical sun before being blended into our Island Vanilla. Even our chocolates are born from rainforests throughout Africa and the Caribbean, and lovingly picked by hand.

From a horse-drawn wagon to the Coney Island Boardwalk to your grocery store, we’ve never stopped working to make the perfect ice cream. Republic Ice Cream is run today the same way our family’s first ice cream business was run – by a couple of brothers who love ice cream and have a passion for creating an incredibly delicious treat. We make sure that, from our private creamery in South Carolina to your spoon, Republic Ice Cream will continue to reflect: Our Passion, Your Ice Cream.™